‘Ode to light and Slow time’

Art House Gallery, Sydney, 2008

This exhibition has been inspired by the ceramic vessel. Having recently experimented with ceramics I have delighted in the sensual materiality of clay. I have transferred this physicality to the directness of paint, allowing the unpredictable process of push and pull to evolve  form on canvas.

The works are also inspired by my previous travels in Greece, and my experience working in a drawing team on an archaeological site recording ceramic vases and vessels. The history and resonance of these forms has always fascinated me.  The vessel as container is associated with nourishment, and has a symbolic reference to the human body.

I wanted to capture a monumental quality in these vessels, in scale and as simplified totemic forms. The scale is suggestive of the human figure, evoking an architectural presence.

The simplicity of the colour white is important, capturing a sense of light and space to breathe. to this I added the clarity of bright strong colours, and then the texture echoing crumbling walls, and layers built up over time’