‘Shrine to Aqueous Depths’, North Sydney Art Prize 2022

The Installation ‘Shrine to Aqueous Depths’ was selected for the North Sydney Art Prize, 2022, exhibited at the entrance of the Chambers at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, Waverton, Sydney. The work focuses on the significance of water. Responding to the site, the impotance and necessity of water, historically for industry, shipping, and as a source of fertility for its layered occupation and ecology. Suggesting a river cave the installation acts as a shrine to the role of water. A cross fertilisation of mediums; concrete rock constructions supporting bowls of water, videos, a large fabric hanging and suspended fabric river effigies, all speak of a subterranean wonderland. Presented within the chambers of the site the fabric hangings and effigies soften the stone walls to create an intimate womb lkike space. The fabric embellished with layers of paper, handstitcjing and painted calligraphic marks suggest a hidden language. Adorned with sequins and beads they glimmer emerging from the darkness. Dramatic lighting highlights water held in the bowls and the interplay of artificial rock constructions and the existing rock wall. Accompanied by the sound and video imagery of water, it creates a place of reverence and a metaphorical emblem of water.