‘The Enduring Landscape’

Catherine Asquith Gallery, Melbourne, 2011

‘The Enduring landscape’ consists of both painting and ceramics, inspired by a  residency at The Art Vault, Mildura, regional Victoria in 2011.

The surrounding landscape of Mildura is essentially an arid landscape supported by the Murray River system. At the time of my residency floods and heavy rainfall transformed the region. It is the inland river that became the focus of this exhibition, and a subject I will continue to explore in future work in NSW.

The resilience needed in life, to deal with hardships is mirrored in the Mildura landscape. Adaption and regeneration are needed such as the ancient Mallee tree and stoic Red River Gum.
It is the tension between the arid and the abundant, the layered histories, echoing past stories and unearthed relics, the cyclical nature of the environment with its destruction and renewal, that are elements which reference this work.